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Also, a group of captive lizards also ends up inventing a brand-new body paint pattern made up of red, white, and blue colors they have become Americanizedwhich annoys Straka to no end, since he believes that all members of the Race have to Nudist family body paint naked officially-approved patterns. After humanity achieves an uneasy peace with the Race, the body paint is just one of the affectations human teens adopt from them, along with shaven heads and slang derived from the Race's language. He can't refuse, but his panic at the prospect leads to a scene involving his friend Marie's nervousness and her friend Ingrid's confidence, while Alex's brain melts. However, in a TV show, Skin Warswhere body artists battle to be crowned America's best, the breasts of the unpainted models are pixillated out — even though once painted, the very same models are still topless and uncensored. Common for the Brazilian Carnival, especially since a goal of a lot of the dancers is to wear as little clothing Nudist family body paint naked they could feasibly get away with while looking exotic, so there's an industry of people who get paint Jaguars and other designs on these ladies. Various color schemes are optional.

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