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Peeing in shop

However, Lord Justice Ward Peeing in shop sitting with Lords Justice Longmore and Patten at the Court of Appeal - ruled that Peeing in shop urinating drivers' impact was not "cumulatively intolerable" because they were not "obviously visible" from the Puseys' home, according to reports. Local authorities in Chester launched a crackdown after fears that well-refreshed revellers were causing irreparable damage to the city's medieval walkways. In Manchester, the number of civic conveniences went from 19 to one. For this reason, the Glastonbury Festival regularly deploys a "green police" force which threatens revellers with expulsion if they fail to use toilets, amid fears that excess urination could affect the local water, polluting rivers and streams. Even Paris, home of Peeing in shop pissoir, launched a high-profile, all-out crackdown on outdoor urination. And the practice can be deemed "disorderly behaviour" in England and Wales, an offence punishable with a fine under the Public Order Act.

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