girls Piss and vomiting

Piss and vomiting girls

There are many possible causes of blood in Piss and vomiting girls urine. Abdominal ultrasound Antinuclear antibody test for lupus Blood creatinine level Complete blood count CBC CT scan of the abdomen Cystoscopy Kidney biopsy Strep test Tests for sickle cell, bleeding problems, and other blood disorders Urinalysis Urinary cytology Urine culture hour urine collection for creatinine, protein, calcium Blood tests such as PTPTT or INR tests The treatment will depend on the cause Piss and vomiting girls blood in the urine. When did you first notice blood in your urine? Do you have any pain with urination or other symptoms of infection? What medicines are you taking? You have pain with sexual intercourse or heavy menstrual bleeding.

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